A Constant Companion in Turbulent Times

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A Constant Companion in Turbulent Times

Glashütte, April 2009

Investment with Entertainment Value: The New 1815

The New 1815

In times of plunging stock exchange prices, bank failures and fear of recession, many investors take refuge in tangible assets. Houses, property, precious metals and jewellery promise lasting value in uncertain times, which many funds and stocks cannot offer anymore. Some people turn to mechanical watches made by renowned manufactories, because they possess intrinsic value. Some models are relegated to the safe. However, it is considerably more fun to wear the investment on your wrist every day. The new 1815 by A. Lange & Söhne offers this possibility, because it meets the essential requirements that constitute the lasting value of a watch.


First of all, it comes from a good family. Stefan Muser, owner of the reputable auction house Dr. Crott, considers A. Lange & Söhne one of an exclusive group of labels that are expected to generate a long-term increase in value. Like all other Lange watches, the 1815 has a manufacture calibre, developed in-house according to the highest quality standards, assembled and decorated by hand. And it is exclusive. Lange produces just a few thousand watches per year – just a few hundred of some models. A watch like the 1815 will grace just a few select wrists – an aspect that should appeal to the confident Lange wearer. Moreover, the watch is available as a platinum edition, limited to 500 pieces. Like many previous limited editions, this model has the best chances of a long-term increase in value. At watch auctions, Lange models such as the TOURBILLON “Pour le Mérite”, the 1815 MOON PHASE or the anniversary LANGEMATIK are already fetching more than three times their original retail price.

Lange uses only precious metals for the watch cases. The gold price alone has more than doubled over the past five years. Enclosed in an 18-carat yellow, white or pink gold case, the 1815 is perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to be happy about that. And the inner values are just right, too. They include Lange's signature quality characteristics, such as the three-quarter plate in untreated German silver, the hand-engraved balance cock, the whiplash precision regulator, screwed gold chatons and blued screws.

Lange L051.1

A Lange watch represents the best of German quality craftsmanship. The return of the brand A. Lange & Söhne to the elite in fine watchmaking was the decisive factor in the international success of the German watch industry, once again defining “Made in Germany” as the seal of quality for mechanical timepieces. With proper maintenance, a Lange watch will teach the coming generation something about the importance of the right investment.

After all, the 1815 comes from a long-lived, well maintained product family. Since its market launch in 1995, the watch’s timeless design has been standing for elegant simplicity at its best. Only the diameter increased to 40 millimetres. This meant that the watch needed a newly constructed larger movement, because Lange firmly believes that the proportions of movement and case should match.

A renowned source, valuable materials, exclusivity, best quality and timeless design – with its wide range of material and immaterial values, the new 1815 is the perfect constant companion in turbulent times.