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What is Watch Wiki?

Watch Wiki is a watch lexicon that is not edited by a paid editorial staff, but by voluntary helpers. Watch Wiki descends from the idea of the Wikipedia (wiki: hawaiian word for "quick", and encyclopaedia). Watch Wiki is a special lexicon for watches. A wiki is a website whose pages can be altered easily and without technical knowledge, directly in the web browser.

In contrast to traditional lexicons, Watch Wiki is free to use. Not only is it available for free, but everybody may copy and use its contents with the only requirement of specifying the source and author. This is possible because of the GNU-License for free documentation, under which the authors publish their texts.

Translation and correction help required!

The english version of Watch Wiki needs your assistance. Please help us to translate pages from German into English. About this topic please read Translation/en.

Become author

Watch Wiki has no paid editorial staff, but is the work of voluntary writers. If you can write texts, you also can cooperate here. You don't need any special facilities; the technical requirements are minimal.

Anyone who wants to start instantly should read the Nutzungsbedingungen first. There you will come to know what to remind, if you want to write or edit articles in Watch Wiki.


At the top-right corner of the page is the option to (Log in / create account) where one can register and enter a user name that will be stored with all works on each article. However, registration is not obligatory and except for a very few exclusions, e.g. uploading pictures, all functions of Watch Wiki are open to nonregistered users.

More: infos about registration

User login

And now we wish you a lot of fun on the Watch Wiki website!